Cracks in Concrete

Here in Kansas City they say we can expect almost three times as much snow this winter as we had last winter.  That may be great news to some.  But, it presents some challenges to many home owners as they may have concrete cracks that will likely get worse if they are not properly taken care of before the winter weather hits.

Concrete cracks can be a problem on sidewalks, driveways, stoops, and patios.  They can be caused by roots, settling, or even improper use.  They don’t seem like a big deal until they deteriorate to the point that the concrete needs to be replaced.  Then it is a costly repair.  We want to remind you how to avoid these costly repairs.

Winter weather proves hard on concrete cracks because snow comes and as it begins to melt in the warmer hours of the days the water flows into the cracks.  This water freezes as the colder temperatures return.  The freezing water expands and along with that comes more damage to your concrete.  It is important to seal these cracks to prevent further damage.

The folks over at have given you some step by step instructions on how to care for those cracks.  Check out the article here.

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