The Dream – Keep Holding On!

As inspectors we are in a career field where people are filled with dreams.  You thought we were in the business of doing amazing home inspections.  Well, we do that, but we are really int he business of helping dreams come true!

At almost every home inspection people are dreaming of the life they will have in the next house.  They dream of the implications of this investment on their future.  What will living here mean to their children or grandchildren?  The inspection world is investing in people’s journey filled with dreams.  It’s a privilege to work alongside so many that dream. Home Partners is so thankful to all of you for inviting us into your dreaming journey.

Where did the dream go?

But, there are some that have lost the ability to dream.  Many people have dreamed and fallen short.  They’ve had tragedy turn their life upside down. They’ve experienced barrier after barrier to their dreams.  It can be hard when it seems everything is battling against you. How do you keep moving forward with your dreams?

Keep Fighting!

If you have the right dream hold on tight and never let go!  Let me encourage you to keep fighting.  Fight for that house you dream of.  Don’t give up on that marriage you’ve invested in.  Hold tight to those kids who seem to want to be anyplace other than where you are.  Continue to invest in that vision of a career to become a reality.  Don’t take the path of least resistance.  Fight for the dreams you have.  While you may not get exactly what you dream of each day you will likely get a taste of it to help motivate you to keep getting after it.

Do you have a dream?  If so, share what you are fighting for below.

Need a little more?

Here’s a podcast episode from Brian Buffini to help inspire you to embrace the seasons and fight to win.

If you need someone to come alongside you as you dream about your future home and life please let Home Partners be a part of your journey.  We can do pre-inspections, inspections and  many more things to help your dream advance.  We are pleased to be of service to you and your dreams.