The Future of Home Partners

For 18 years I was a pastor. I did that because of my core values: love for God and for people. So, in 2013 when I started a company my core values didn’t change. It’s who I am.

I am a small business owner because I believe I can make a difference in what I do. Yes, I am a great home inspector. But, that is just a piece of the big picture. I want to invest in people and communities and draw out their greatest potential.

I dream of one day providing jobs for 100 people. That doesn’t mean I will have 100 home inspectors. But, I am building a multifaceted company that provides a career path for good people. These people may not have a background in education but they are committed to providing for their family and working hard to do it. I am committed to creating a job culture where people can work hard during business hours and be present with their families when they head home. I am committed to hiring employees and treating them well and not contractors who are not being properly provided for by our company.

At this point I am a one-man shop. But, I am very actively laying the groundwork for growth. I believe I have God-given call to make a difference in the lives of people by building this kind of company in this community.

To all of those clients from the past, in the present, and the ones we will have the privilege to serve in the future we say:

“Thank you for inviting our company to serve your real estate needs. You are helping us work towards making a difference in the economies of many families and the economy of our community. Thank you!”

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