– [in-del-uh-buh l] – making marks that cannot be removed.

It’s a season of transition around here.  People are preparing to set new routines, new rhythms, new disciplines.  It’s an exciting time but can also be overwhelming.  We can missing opportunities if we are not intentional.

In this season I’ve had the word “indelible” on my mind.  As we set these new rhythms what can we build into our rhythm that “make marks that cannot be removed” on the people that matter to us?

I have been giving out these sharpies challenging people to be intentional about “making their marks” in this season.

Write it Down

Here’s my challenge to each of you.  Take a permanent marker and write down who you are committed to making your mark on in this next season. Come up with three or four categories of people. Limiting the number is intentional so that you can effectively achieve the impact.  Some category ideas would be:  Family, neighbors, clients, co-workers, teacher’s at your kids school, or public servants.  Divide your canvas into the number of categories you chose. I’m using this piece of plexiglass because it reminds me my desire to be transparent with people I do life with.

Under each section write the names of the people you want to be intentional about leaving your indelible mark.  Make a total list of 5-10 or maybe 12 people you want to influence and make your mark on in this season.

Come Back To It

This serves to reminder you of your commitment to be intentional about making an indelible mark on people.  I’ll use this “art” as something to pray over. You might do that or you might just routinely review it to remind yourself of the purposeful life you want to live to make an impact in this next season.

Each of us needs to believe we can make an indelible mark in the lives of other people.

Just a few thoughts we wanted to share with our friends and clients Home Partners has had the privilege of serving.  We look forward to doing more life with you and hope that we make an wonderfully indelible impact on the lives of many people we serve.

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