Dry Weather Foundation Concerns in Kansas City

We have had some dry weather lately. With the dry weather, you may have noticed cracking in your yard, and possibly, the earth pulling away from your foundation.

Today we will discuss the importance of watering your foundation in times of drought. Before we do that though, let’s consider proper water drainage for the home.
It does seem a bit confusing because we are suggesting watering your foundation, yet saying proper lot drainage is a must. While it may seem like a contradiction it really isn’t–keep reading.

Maintaining Proper Drainage

While keeping the earth around your foundation appropriately damp, too much moisture around the foundation can cause its own set of problems. With that being said, we do still recommend having a good guttering system, clean gutters, well secured downspouts, extensions, and splash blocks. You want to get water 18-24″ away from the foundation, so you don’t create moisture issues on your foundation.

Now, onto watering your foundation walls, and why it needs done. When your home is affected by a dry spell, the earth around the foundation begins to shrink.  When it shrinks, the soil pulls away from the foundation. That creates a void between the earth and your foundation.  The reason this is an issue is because the weight of your house sitting on your foundation walls, and nothing is supporting your foundation from the exterior.  The structure is engineered to have the support on the exterior of the foundation. In a nutshell, it gives your foundation room to move or crack.  This creates structural issues and moisture issues.

How to Address Dry Weather

The good news! You can help prevent this! First and foremost, know your property, check it, and maintain it, and be proactive in taking care of issues. Second, when you see the earth begin to pull away from the foundation, water it, the earth, not the actual foundation wall. Some  suggest setting up a ground soaker and having it on a timer so it soaks the ground for you.  We would recommend, the first couple times you do this, make sure you monitor it, and make sure it isn’t over saturating the earth. Another option is to stand use a hose with a sprayer, and slowly, work your way around the foundation, watering, and watching.  In addition, some experts also suggested planting shrubs around your home, and watering those on a regular basis, and that will help hold moisture in the earth as well.
Hopefully this blog helps shed some light on maintaining foundations in dry seasons. At Home Partners we want to help equip you with the tools and confidence necessary to own and maintain your home.  If you would like to schedule a  Home Checkup, a Seller’s Choice Inspection, or a standard Home Inspection please visit our website at www.HomePartnersKC.com/Schedule.  You can also set up an appointment at 913-390-3376.
NOTE:  While you’re in the mode of checking out the condition of your home here’s a link to share with you some other things you might want to look at while you’re taking some pride in your home ownership.
Eric Zuelke is a Certified Property Inspector.  He has had a variety of experiences in residential and commercial constructions along with working on the rigs in the oil field.  He is passionate about taking care of people, disc golf, and his faith.  Clients love Eric’s attention to detail, clear communication, and ability to relate to them.  He has been on the Home Partner’s inspection staff since January, 2018.

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