Political Rant Caution – Personal Opinion Post

Your political opinions are extremely important….to you.  Oh, and to those who think like you.  It feels good to express them and to get a few likes about our perspective.  If we’re realy honest, we even like the disagreements that they create because we enjoy the little jab we made at that other Facebook friend that always post what we consider political “garbage.”

But, could those posts be undermining the vulnerable spots of people you call friends or even family members?  Not just in politics, but in the very core of who they are?

Here’s what I mean:

The stance someone has against abortion is very real and meaningful to many of us.  But, when we post the cutting post about the baby’s rights and condemn people who consider otherwise we may very well be bringing an extremely painful reminder of a decision a dear cousin or college friend made years ago when they aborted a child because they were pressured into it by a parent, boyfriend, or even life circumstance.  They were told it would all be fine and better for everyone.  They have not told anyone because they are still caring the emotional weight of it all these years later.  Where’s the conversation about mental health for those who have had abortions?  Our “got ’em” post reminds them that if they told us the story they’ve hidden for years they would probably lose the relationship.  Is the tone of that post really constructive or is it just supporting our view and that’s all that matters to us?

When we declare our disdain for the police because of an experience we had with an officer a few years ago our feelings are real and our story is authentic.  We pounce on the police when there is African American shot and we question their authority every time we can.  That friend of yours who is the mother, sibling, spouse,  or child of an office has their already skyrocketing fear for their loved one’s life built into their everyday existence.  When they read posts about all cops being bad they hear that the officer they love better watch out.  Your post that feels good to you when you write it on a screen causes other people greater anxiety and fear than they already has.  Is that post worth it at that cost?

You want the Affordable Healthcare Act repealed.  But, that person on your Facebook feed that is fighting cancer and wouldn’t have insurance feels like your trying to kill them because you’re just saying the program needs to be crushed and not providing them with a solution to their life threatening circumstance.  The post you’re making fits the narrative of your agenda, but does it really advance anything?  Perhaps and broadens the divide that has begun as you have continued to post comments that build up fear within your friend and destroys an avenue of conversation.

We all want to have a voice.  We all want to have an influence on our world.  But, when you make those dramatic posts and post those cutting memes are you really having the influence you think you’re having?  Let’s consider the tone we have when we utilize social media.  Maybe instead of trying to produce “mic drop” moments we can start creating dialogues that allow people to express themselves in a way that helps us understand other points of views.

What do you think?  Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

NOTE:  Please note that this is not a home inspection type of post.  But, it is about partnering with you to make your homes places of community rather than places of controversy.  Thanks for taking the time to read.