Value of the Realtor: The Clutch

The home buying and selling process can feel like a roller coaster.  Emotionally you go up and down.  You may even experience some flipping upside down.  You often feel it is going faster than life.  You have so many forms to sign, decisions to make, and emotions to navigate it can be completely consuming.  It is thrilling to some and terrifying to others.

The Gas and the Brake

I often see a common occurrence in the home buying process.  One person tends to be the gas and one person tends to be the break.  Person A wants to move forward and get this done without anyone standing in the way (the gas) while Person B is analytical and worries about every single possible bad scenario (the brake).  Now, this description may be a bit of the extreme. However, most relationships have a person that leans to the brake side and another that leans to the gas side.  It’s true of couples and it is incredibly true of young home buyers with their parents involved in the process.

You Need a Clutch

Anyone remember how to drive a stick shift or manual transmission?  I loved driving these back in the day.  Manual transmission cars had the Brake, the Gas, and the Clutch.  If you drive a manual transmission without using the clutch you are not going to have a very easy time getting anywhere.  You need the clutch to change gears, to help slow you down, to help speed you up without putting unneeded wear and damage on the transmission.

You Need to Use the CLUTCH!

When one of you wants to go faster while the other is scared to move there is a tendency just to quite moving in a productive direction.  You need a clutch to help you get from one gear to the other in a healthy way that does not damage the engine–which is your relationship.  You can’t make progress while stepping on the brake and the gas.

Realtors remind me of the clutch–think of it as a “Smart Clutch.”  To safely increase speed or slow down you need to use the clutch.  Your realtor is a key person to help you in the process of speeding up or slowing down.  Because of their great training, experience, and resources they have the knowledge (thus, the Smart in “Smart Clutch”) of knowing when to engage the clutch to help you get to where you’re going.

Here’s where your realtor gives you an advantage in the home buying process:

  • When to get the approval letter.
  • When to visit the property
  • What to do to get ready for market
  • When to place an offer
  • When to accept an offer
  • What’s a reasonable offer
  • When to call Home Partners Home Services
  • What to negotiate after the inspection

Often buyers and sellers are consumed by the emotions of a real estate transaction.  The realtor helps guide you through the process and helps you know when to move and when to stop.

You need an agent that understands people.  Your agent needs to understand you. They must understand the sellers and they have to understand other agents.  When you have an agent that understands these things they can help you know when to accelerate and when to slow down. They will be CLUTCH!

There are a lot of great realtors out there.  Be sure to find one that understands people. Then, give them the permission to engage the clutch as needed to help you get to where you’re going.