“Whatever It Takes”

That hunger for success!  Ever had it?

You may experience it around buying a dream home?  Perhaps you have a sales goal you are absolutely determined to meet?  Maybe it’s that fight you have for your family?  In most of us there’s something we are pushing towards that we are willing to sacrifice to get.

Whatever It Takes

I am guessing most of you have heard the song “Whatever it Takes” by Imagine Dragons (see video below).  The video is a great video where they are showing images that are resisting their ability to make their music but they won’t stop.  However, they are doing “Whatever It Takes” to play their music.

But, let’s be honest, that’s a production and real life doesn’t some quite so fun, safe, and inspiring, right?

The Cost of Success

There’s a line in the song that may, in my opinion, be the most important line you need to hear in your pursuit to success.  The line says “break me down and build me up.”  We often gloss over that part of the success story don’t we.  We don’t want to think about the struggles, fears, and pressure that building our future will cost us.

What will hitting that goal cost you?  What will buying that house cost you? What will pursuing that relationship cost you?

When we start to think about the cost of success sometimes we start to reconsider our definition of success.  And that is a good thing.  That allows us to prioritize what is truly important to us.

Our View of Success

My vision for Home Partners Home Services is that we provide people with what they need to maximize their opportunity.  We want home buyers, sellers, and owners to have good information about their investment.  We want agents to know they are dealing with people with exceptional character who work hard to give them and their clients good information so they can maximize their future.  And, we want our staff to be able to have a great balance of life between work and home.

When you are considering your vision for success let me encourage you to consider the cost.  If you are not willing to pay the price I encourage you to reconsider the goal.  Often times we begin to realize what is important in these moments of reflection.