Home Inspections
Home Inspections include the foundation, structure, exterior, roof, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, fireplace, and appliances. It is accompanied by a thorough written report.

Termite Inspections
The termite inspection is a visual inspection for live activity, previous activity, or damage by wood destroying insects of the accessible areas of the home.

Radon Testing
Radon testing is an evaluation of the air quality in home to determine of this dangerous gas from the soil is present in the home. The testing takes 48 hours.  Home Partners utilizes certified radon technicians (contracted) to do tests.  Anyone who sets or removes radon machines is required by the state to be certified.

Sewer Inspections
Sewer inspections give access to parts of the home that can’t be seen with a standard inspection.  The sewer inspectors are specialists that access the sewer lines with a camera and look for cracks, bellies, roots, or other issues that could be costly to repair to help the client understand the concerns.  Sewer inspections give our clients at least a peace of mind or gives them the info they need to negotiate repair.

Attic Inspection by Kansas City Home Inspector

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