Home Buyer Protection Plan

If the home inspected does not close for any reason:  financing, appraisal, condition, etc…the next inspection performed within 30 days of the initial inspection will be done at a discount.

While it doesn’t happen often we understand there are occasions when a home you had inspected doesn’t pan out.  That’s definitely a hard position to be in. You’ve invested a lot of time, emotions, and money into getting to this point.  The setback is taxing on all of those things.

While we can’t give our inspections away for free we do want to help.  So, if the home we inspect for you falls through we will do another inspection for you within 30 days of the first inspection at a 25% discount.  See the details below.


  • The second inspection must be done within 30 days of the first inspection.
  • Client must be using the same agent they used on previous inspection that fell through.
  • The Home Buyer Protection Plan does not apply for investors or on foreclosed/distressed homes.  
  • This is for homes that are to be owner occupied.