The Heroes Among Us

I think we throw around the word “hero” way too often.  We use it to describe a cartoon character–and with those guys we even throw in the word “super” before it.  We use it to describe models, actors, and athletes.  But, I am often amazed by the heroes I learn about that no one ever hears about in the news or on social media.

I have the privilege of working with some amazing clients and agents.  The stories inspire and deserve to be told.  I won’t use their real names.  But, I want to share some of these stories.

Grandparent Heroes

I recently did an inspection for a hero client.  The couple was very sweet and kind.  As their story unfolded I found out that they had taken their grandson into their home for the past several years.  It appears they will continue to have him in their home until he is old enough to move away.  These grandparents are heroes in my book.  They took in their grandson when his parents were no longer able to do so.  These folks truly inspired me.

Listen to Make a Differnce

I had another recent experience with an amazing agent.  I was inspecting a tenant occupied property and a tenant was there at the time of the inspection.  The agent had many things he could be doing for work.  But, instead of focusing on those things I heard the tenant’s story start to unfold.  The agent listened, shared a part of his family’s journey, and spoke hope into the life of the tenant to help her understand that her story can have an impact on other people if she would be willing to share it.

I see heroes among us as they give up what is theirs to invest in others so freely.

Thank you to all my clients and agents who inspire me to be more invested in things that matter.  You are extraordinary and I love seeing it day after day.  Keep giving of yourselves and we will see greater things to come.